Get to know the people that run the administrative part of the LOPSA Mentorship Program!

Current Members

George Beech
 (2015 - present)

George has been an SRE generalist at Stack Exchange for the past three years. He has worked on every part of the stack from Windows, to Linux, to the network infrastructure. Before that he worked at a multi-national CRM company running their IVR stack, once again working as a full stack generalist. His experience working in the IT field over the past thirteen years has led him to love working with multiple technologies, and allowed him to experience everything from running a small network as a consultant to being part of a large team running very large scale infrastructure.


Former Members

Craig Constantine
 (2015 - 2017)

Programmer, system administrator, problem solver; casual mountain-bike cyclist, avid reader, student of Aikido and Parkour. Craig joined the mentorship team after having several positive experiences mentoring in the program.

Edward D'Azzo-Caisser 
Co-Chair(2012 - 2016)

Ed has spent most of his career as the lone system administrator for an accounting firm in New York. Without a Senior peer/mentor Ed was forced to forge his own way. He joined the mentorship team to ensure that others are not left without guidance. He brings Windows administration and programming experience to our team.

John Boris
 (2012 - 2017)

John Lives in Southern New Jersey and has been a System Administrator since 1986. Most of his career he worked for the Federal Government where he developed and deployed the first Web site for the Defense Industrial Supply Center. He is a past Chairmen of PICC (Now LOPSA-East) and has been a contributor to the LOPSA Mentorship program since its inception. In 2012 he was elected to the LOPSA Board of Directors. The Mentorship Program is one of the Projects that he is champion for on the board. Outside of work he coaches High School Football and enjoys his time with his Wife , three children and his Granddaughter.

Amy Rich
 (2013 - 2015)

Amy has been a UNIX sysadmin for over 20 years at a variety of companies, owned her own consulting business, helped organize multiple sysadmin conferences, and written professionally on the topic of UNIX systems administration. She currently works at the Mozilla Corporation and plays the part of both of sysadmin and manager of the Release Engineering Operations IT team. She is a member of USENIX and SAGE, and a founding member of LOPSA.

Simon Fraser
(2013 - 2015)

Simon lives in Cambridge, UK. He has worked at an ISP, starting in development and moving to operations a few years later. He is currently a Systems Administrator for the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, managing the infrastructure and identity management for the site’s scientific computing. Outside work, he helps run a fan convention, reads far too much and doesn’t play enough board games.

Corey Quinn

(2014 - 2015)

A systems architect with over ten years of industry experience, Corey’s consulting expertise covers an expansive range of technologies, from cloud infrastructure, to configuration management, to provisioning, to continuous delivery. Corey works on both architecture and implementation for a wide variety of clientele, and has in-depth experience with AWS, Eucalyptus, and Openstack. In addition to his technical skill set, Corey is an active contributor to the technical community, having volunteered his time contributing to Saltstack project code, packaging, and articles, serving as a member of the LOPSA mentorship core team, and helping run the freenode IRC network. Before joining Taos, Corey spent several years as an independent consultant, as well as working with both established companies and start-ups in both southern and northern California. Corey’s most recent article on the Taos blog can usually be found at, and his upcoming speaking engagements include presentations at SaltConf and FOSDEM 2014.

Lawrence K. Chen
(2012 - 2013)

Lawrence, since 2006, lives and works in Manhattan, KS, where he is a Senior Unix Systems Administrator in the Enterprise Server Technologies department at Kansas State University.  He got his start as a student Unix admin at the University of Calgary Health Sciences Center in 1989 on an SGI IRIS 3000 series. In 1990, graduated as an Electrical Engineer and first worked as a Research Engineer in combustion dynamics and unmanned vehicle control systems. Then in 1998 moved from Canada to the US to work as a Software Engineer in Enterprise Collaboration/Knowledge Management.  While taking on increasing responsibility in Unix System Administration in each positions.  When Lawrence is not behind a computer, he enjoys photography, amateur radio, community and emergency service and attending Doctor Who conventions.  Lawrence was born in Lawrence, KS.

Contact:  Blog:

Nick Anderson 
(2010 - 2013)

Nick lives and works in Lawrence KS. He has been a Systems Administrator since 2002. He has worked in High Performance Computing, E-Commerce, Data Center, and Office environments. Nick is an advocate of open source software and shared knowledge. He helped form the LOPSA Mentorship program in 2010. When not in front of the computer Nick enjoys photography and spending time with his wife, two children and dog.

Jesse Trucks 
Co-Chair (2010 & 2012 - 2013)

Jesse Trucks has extensive security experience in incident handling, intrusion detection, policy development, monitoring, and implementation management, and he is well versed in Disaster Recovery planning and testing. Trucks advocates for extensive documentation, strong security, change control, and professionalism. He has worked in a startup, at an ISP, and supporting large-scale commercial infrastructures. For his previous employer, he managed the installation and production operation of dozens of racks of Anton supercomputers for D. E. Shaw Research. He currently works as a Cyber Security Engineer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he has supported both the supercomputing operations and the whole organization's security needs. Jesse has, also served on the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) Board of Directors since 2007; has taught more than a dozen classes at various conferences; was a Local Mentor Instructor for the SANS Securing Unix/Linux course; has held a GCIH certification; and currently holds a GCUX Gold certification. He lives with his wife and three poodles in Knoxville, TN and loves cooking, good food, and exploring the great outdoors.

Christian "ian" Paredes
Chair (2010)

Ian is a systems engineer at Amazon Web Services, and helped bootstrap the mentorship program during its early days in 2010. He specializes in administering large scale distributed web services, and has given talks on configuration management. He started in systems administration in 2009 with small scale systems in a Seattle based high school, then moved toward administering large scale systems, from everything between popular websites, to high performance compute clusters, to large scale CDN's. He is an advocate for DevOps and has contributed to several open source projects, as well as created several open source projects that is currently used in production environments. He was born and raised in Seattle, and is still stubbornly living in Seattle. Outside of work, he enjoys board games, going to concerts, playing computer games, and reading non-fiction books.

Lois Blood Bennett
(2010 - 2013)

Lois Blood Bennett has been a system administrator for about 25 years. She earned a masters degree in electrical engineering (UConn '85) with a concentration in electro-magnetics and solid state physics and studied antennas and fiber optics.  Currently, she is a senior system administrator for Channing Laboratory at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. She has worked for Harvard and MIT in the past. She enjoys scripting and perl. For LOPSA she served on the board as Treasurer 2009-2012 and currently serves on the Mentorship program committee.  She served as USENIX Treasure 2002-2004 and was Chair of the SAGE Certification Program Governing Board 2000 - 2003. Lois also attended the United Nations Commission on the status of Women Meeting in NYC in 2005 as a representative of the Episcopal Church and has been active in promoting the work of several non-profits working to support women in Mexico and in Africa.  Lois is married and has a daughter and two granddaughters. She sings in the choir at church and serves on several committees there also. She also dabbles in Photography and digital and fiber arts.

Thomas Leyer 
Chair (2010 - 2013)

Thomas lives with his wife and newborn boy in Cologne Germany.  He started his career as a student Systems Administrator for Solaris desktop systems in 1997. After graduating, Thomas worked as a SA in chip manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, and finance & accounting environments. Taking on the role  of the LOPSA mentorship program chairperson in 2010 provided him with a new, exciting, and time consuming spare time activity. 

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