I signed up for a LOPSA student membership to join the mentorship program, but I have not been approved yet.

Student membership is free, but requires evidence of student status to be submitted.  Your approval may still be pending due to us not receiving that evidence yet.  Please see the Join or Renew page for more information about how to submit evidence of your student status.

When I tried to sign up to be a mentor or protege, I received a message saying that I am not an active LOPSA member.

All mentors and protege submissions require LOPSA memberships in good standing, and we verify your membership based on the LOPSA email address you provide when you join. If you receive this message and you believe your membership is in good standing, please contact us, providing your LOPSA registered email address, and we will investigate the discrepancy. If you are not a member, or your membership has expired, you can sign up or renew and contact us to let us know you've done so.

Why I can't join the Mentors or Proteges channels?

Participants in the LOPSA Mentorship program must be active LOPSA members.  Once your membership is confirmed, a member of the team managing the program will invite you to the appropriate private channels. 

What can I do about a relationships that’s not working out?

Sometimes, mentor-protege relationships don’t meet the needs/expectations of both parties. It could differing personalities, schedules, skill sets, or something else that doesn't quite fit. When this happens, please contact the LMPT; we have procedures in place to find another mentor that may fit your needs better.

I haven't heard from my mentor/protege?

If you haven't had any communication from your mentor/protege, you should try to touch base with them using the methods of communication you set forth at the beginning of your relationship. If you are still unable to contact him/her, please contact the LMPT, and we can work with you to find a new mentor or to close the existing relationship/project of your protege.

Can I be both a protege and a mentor?

Learning is a lifelong skill we keep honing. You can be at a point in your career where you have advice and experience to offer to others as well as needing some yourself. If you wish to be both a protoge and a mentor, you need merely fill out both of our signup web forms.

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