Need ideas on what projects to work on? This list may give you some inspiration:

  • Building a backup infrastructure with AMANDA, Bacula, or some other piece of software
    • What backup strategy should I use?
    • What sort of backup medium should I use?
  • Building a Windows/*nix box
    • "What sort of steps would I have to take in order to setup a plain old box with Windows/*nix?"
    • How do I set up print/file/whatever service on Windows/*NIX
    • How can I automate installation of my Windows/*NIX machines?


  • Budgeting
    • How do we effectively make room in our budget for building what we want to build?
    • How can I make my case to management effectively?
  • Writing computing policies and agreements
    • What do I have to take into account before writing a usage policy / SLA's?
    • What kind of language do I use when writing these policies?

Soft skills

  • Negotiating in favor of a technology, position, etc
    • How do I convince everyone to take a look at my solution?
    • How do I get everyone on board with a particular position?


  • Writing a (technical/scientific) paper/book that will be published.
    • How do I start? Are my findings correct?
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