LOPSA at YAPC::NA 2008 - System Administration Master Class

System Administration Master Class

The System Administration Master Class is an intensive two day seminar
for professional system adminstrators. Using a series of short, topical
presentations followed by structured discussions, the class draws on
the real-world issues and challenges facing the participants and the
experiences of the instructors. Participants should be prepared to
discuss their concerns, needs and experiences on a variety of system
administration issues. Specific knowledge of particular operating
system/platforms or system administration tools is not required as this
class focusses on the underlying issues faced by professional system
administrators, regardles of the technology in use.

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Topics for the class are listed below. Some topics will recieve more
attention than others, depending on the needs and interestes of the

  • Security
  • Career Survival Skills and Career Development
  • Hiring and Being Hired
  • Ethics and System Administration
  • Communication skills and techniques
  • Policy development and the role of policies in system administration
  • Project Management for System Administration
  • Effective Change Management
  • Disaster Recover: planning, practice and execution
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Technical Training, Education and Mentoring
  • Working with customers and managers

Instructor Bios:

David Parter, University of Wisconsin and LOPSA

David has been a system administrator at the University of Wisconsin
Computer Science Department since 1991, serving as Associate Director of
the Computer Systems Lab since 1995. At the Lab he has worked as a
manager; been involved in campus committees; and collaborated with other
groups on campus. In the CS Department he works with faculty, staff and
graduate students to support and contribute to their research projects. He
also trains, manages and work with undergraduate students who work in the
lab. Areas of responsibility and experience include policy development,
security, network administration, liaison with the research projects, and
a technical leadership role for the lab staff overall. At various times he
have been part-time staff to specific research projects. In his free time,
he flys single engine prop planes and plays hockey. David is currently on
the LOPSA Board of Directors.

Jesse Trucks, Cyberius' Network and LOPSA

Jesse Trucks has worked in a startup, at an ISP in the late 90's, as the
single IT guy at a publishing company, and as part of an organization with
nearly 150 system administrators maintaining more than 5,500 enterprise
servers. Recently, he managed a team of systems administrators for a
consulting firm, and currently works on a team doing Unix systems related
research and development for new projects and products, process
improvement, and advanced technical assistance for internal clients and
coworkers. He has extensive security experience in incident handling,
intrusion detection, policy development, monitoring, and implementation
management, and he is well versed in Disaster Recovery planning and
testing. Trucks advocates for extensive documentation, strong security,
change control, and professionalism. He volunteers for the League of
Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) on the Tech Team assisting in
the maintenance of the http://lopsa.org site infrastructure, and is
serving as an elected member of the LOPSA Board of Directors for the 2007
- 2009 term. In addition, he assists the LOPSA Education Committee
organizing and teaching at training events. Trucks taught four of the 16
classes at the inaugural Sysadmin Days 2006 in Phoenix and the subsequent
event Sysadmin Days 2007 in Cherry Hill, NJ. He has taught other courses
for related conferences and training events. Trucks has served as a Local
Mentor in the GCUX course for the SANS Institute, and he currently holds
GCIH and GCUX certifications. He serves as a member of the SANS Advisory
Board, as well. He resides in Black Earth, WI and is available for teaching or
presentation engagements in any location.

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