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GTD and multiple inboxes

I have become a strong follower of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology for time management. I've been using the system for almost six months.

I'm now experiencing the discord of having too many inboxes:

  • my primary task list (kept in Outlook, believe it or not)
  • work inbox
  • Help Desk tickets
  • Change Request tickets
  • Microsoft Project project plans
  • Excel documents

I really feel like I should write a bunch of converters to merge all this stuff with my primary task list. I'm driving myself crazy because each system has its own set of priorities, so an email to me sometimes gets better response than a Help Desk ticket to me! Argh!

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OpenSSL and KDE 3.5 on FreeBSD

KDE's SSL connectivity has been broken for me for a while now. Apparently at some point KDE no longer was compatible with the "openssl" port. I run FreeBSD 5.2 but use the openssl port, so I just resort to using my laptop to get to SSL-wrapped connections. It's kind of annoying.

Well, I just got a new machine to replace my old desktop, so I'm building out FreeBSD 6.0 on it. This machine is using the built-in openssl rather than the port. And guess what? After spending two days compiling KDE 3.5, I found out that the built-in library is also
incompatible with KDE 3.5.

So, now I'm rebuilding the whole thing (portupgrade -fR kde) having added "WITH_OPENSSL_STABLE=yes" to /etc/make.conf and built openssl-stable.

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Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 on Dell PowerEdge 6850

We just got a (circa 2005) Dell PowerEdge 6850, on which I now want to run (circa 2002) Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1.

The Red Hat Hardware Certification matrix shows the 6650 as the only certified 6000-class Dell server.

This helps confirm why anaconda ends up giving me the "No valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems" error.

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Weird input problem with shell scripts

cat > <<_CALLER_

echo "weird" | ./

cat > <<_READER_
#! /bin/sh

read TEST
echo "Got >\$TEST<" # quote is for 'cat >'

chmod 755
# prints 'Got >weird<'
cat | sh
# prints 'Got ><'

The main issue is, what is that ':' doing on the first line of When it's gone, things work correctly.

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Apache proxies and basic authentication

We use Apache proxying to redirect to a local Zope server on one of our machines. I recently turned on Apache basic authentication, and lo-and-behold the Apache credentials get passed in an "Authentication: " header to Zope. Well, this breaks things for us, because Zope prefers the Authentication header to its fallback cookie method for authentication.

I am now searching for a way to strip headers from Apache proxying, or a way to turn off basic authentication for Zope.

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