2012 LOPSA Election - slate announced

The Leadership Committee is pleased to announce the slate for the 2012
LOPSA Board elections.  The following LOPSA members have agreed to
stand for elections for the 2012-2013 Board.

Martin James Gehrke
Evan Pettrey
John Boris
Kent Brodie
Matt Disney

The Leadership Committee would like to thank these members for their
support of LOPSA.  Candidate statements will be available by 10 April.

We will also schedule at least two #lopsa-live sessions before the
elections so that the candidates may make statements and respond to
member questions. At least one will be before 1 May. We will be
adjusting the format slightly from prior years to make the sessions
easier to follow.

In addition to this slate, any LOPSA member who meets eligibility
requirements may become a candidate by submitting a petition no later
than 30 days before the beginning of the election. See Bylaws for

We encourage all candidates to take questions from the membership
during the entire election cycle. For transparency, we encourage all
questions to be both asked and answered publicly via
"discuss@lopsa.org". Please flag all election-related messages with a
Subject header that begins with "[Election]".

As a reminder, we have changed to a cycle that elects approximately
half of the Board every year. Board terms are two years. There are
four Board seats (of nine seats) up for election this year. You must
be a current LOPSA member to vote, voting will be online during the
first two weeks of June 2012.

Please stay tuned for upcoming election news. This notice will also be
published by direct official LOPSA email channels and posted on the
LOPSA web site.

--The LOPSA Leadership Committee