January 2013 LOPSAGram

In this memo:

01. LISA XXVI a big success
02. LOPSA January Quick Poll
03. LOPSA Mentorship Program - new flavor (freestyle) / automation
04. From the Blogs
05. Recent Job Postings
06. Member Benefits
07. LOPSA Social Media
08. LOPSA DC Chapter
09. BayLISA-Mountain View
10. Crabby Admins-Baltimore Chapter
11. UUASC-LA a LOPSA Affliate (via Aleksey Tsalolikhin)
12. SASAG-Seattle Seattle Chapter
14. LOPSA-SNAPGH Pittsburg Chapter
15. LOPSA-NYC (Doug Hughes)
16. LOPSA-East’13 will be May 3rd and 4th, 2013, but it needs your help!
17. Cascadia IT Conference 2013 Call for Proposals
18. Upcoming USENIX Conferences
19. Thank you to our sponsors!
20. Comments or suggestions?

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01. LISA XXVI a big success
This was the first LISA I have been to where the keynote speaker was
given a standing ovation. Please check out Vint Cerf's keynote at
You can access videos of many sessions and the full proceedings at

02. LOPSA January Quick Poll
The January 2013 Quick Poll asks about your education and training as
a system admin. LOPSA is wondering how its members learned their system
admin skills. Did you primarily learn via a college education, via
training, or via a mentor? Please take the poll at:

03. LOPSA Mentorship Program - new flavor (freestyle) / automation
In addition to the project-based mentor-protege relationships, the
LOPSA mentorship program now offers a new flavor - freestyle. A
survey conducted among our mentors last year showed significant interest
in a more informal way to start relationships, which we now offer with
the freestyle version.

Freestyle relationships revolve around common interests rather than a
specific goal. Proteges may choose between project-based and freestyle.
If they choose the freestyle route, we will find a mentor for them to have
informal discussions about their area of interest, be it their career,
education, work relationships, configuration management, open source
development, publishing a book, .

With the enhanced mentorship core team, we decided to move away from the
former patch-work solution combining RT and google docs. New automated
workflows have been created based on google docs, enabling fully-automated
signups for mentors, automated mentor request emails and better team
coordination for the mentorship core team.

Test it by signing up as mentors or proteges (https://lopsa.org/mentor).

04. From the Blogs
As a LOPSA member you can blog about system admin topics at lopsa.org.
Just sign in and click on My Blog on the left menu. This month Paul
English has postings about Cascadia IT Conference and how to handle
cold calling vendors, Philip Kizer has a post about the ITU and WCIT,
and there are several posts about LOPSA's presence at LISA 2012.
Check them out at https://lopsa.org/blog

05. Recent Job Postings
LOPSA's mail list, sajobs@lists.lopsa.org, is a place for people to post
system admin job openings. Recent job openings are:

- SAN Admin (Charlotte, NC)
- LAMP Ninja (Garden City, NY)
- IT Security Enigneer (San Antonio, TX)
- Linux Admin (Santa Monica, CA)

Please go to https://lists.lopsa.org/pipermail/sajobs/ to see the details
of these positions and good luck on your job hunt.

06. Member Benefits
LOPSA offers several benefits to our members including a great community via
our IRC channels, mail lists, local groups, and conferences; career
development via our Mentorship Program, Code of Ethics, Jobs mail list,
Health and Liability Insurance; and discounts from several vendors. Check
it out at https://lopsa.org/content/lopsa-membership-benefits.

07. LOPSA Social Media
Please check out our LOPSA Facebook page at:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOPSA/152265195341 and give us a 'like'.
Let us know about events in your area, other groups you like, and invite
your friends to join the page. We also invite you to follow @lopsa on
Twitter, check out our Linked-In group (LOPSA), and our Google+ Page.

08. LOPSA DC Chapter
LOPSA-DC holds meetings the last Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9pm at
the offices if Logik Systems located at 1400 I St, Suite 800, Wash DC.
More details can be found at http://lopsadc.org.

09. BayLISA-Mountain View
BayLISA's next meeting is Jan 17th. Details for this meeting are still
TBD. Check back for more details as they become available at

10. Crabby Admins-Baltimore Chapter
There is a Chef training in Baltimore on January 15th. For more information
please go to http://crabbyadmins.org/.

11. UUASC-LA a LOPSA Affliate (via Aleksey Tsalolikhin)
The Feb 2013 UUASC-LA meeting will feature Theron Trowbridge from the
Crashspace hackerspace doing a follow up on his "Of MakerBots And John Locke"
presentation which should include a demo of the Makerbot, and most likely
the Rasberry PI and PD audio software as well.

12. SASAG-Seattle Seattle Chapter
The January 10th Sasag meeting will feature Tommy Scherer talking about
ZFS, who builds systems based on it, and how to deploy it. As always,
there will be a dinner sponsored by SiliconMechanics. For more details
visit http://sasag.org

The next LOPSA-ETENN meeting is on Jan 8th (this Tuesday) is on
"Monitoring Does Not Suck: Monitoring Large Installations" presented by
Elijah Wright a Cloud Operations Engineer at Joyent. For more details visit

14. LOPSA-SNAPGH Pittsburg Chapter
The January Meeting of SNAPGH features a presentation by Vance Kochenderfer
on Advanced SSH". It will be held on January 9th at 6pm. For more
information please see snapgh.com.

15. LOPSA-NYC (Doug Hughes)
The LOPSA NYC chapter has an upcoming meeting presented by Prentice
Bisbal on teh BlueGene/P architecture at Rutgers Discovery Informatics
Institute. For more information please see:

16. LOPSA-East’13 will be May 3rd and 4th, 2013, but it needs your help!
LOPSA-East (formerly PICC) is a two day gathering of professionals from
the diverse IT (computer and network administration) community to learn,
share ideas, and network. Hosted in New Brunswick, NJ, it is extremely
convenient to the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York communities, but
attracts people from the all of the Eastern US.

17. Cascadia IT Conference 2013 Call for Proposals
The organizers of the Cascadia IT Conference invite you to submit
proposals for talks, tutorials and panels to be presented at the 2013
Cascadia IT Conference in Seattle.

CasITconf ’13 is a gathering of professionals from the diverse IT
(computer and network administration) community in the U.S. Pacific
Northwest/British Columbia to learn, share ideas, and network. We go by
many titles but everyone is invited: System administrators, network
administrators, network engineers, Windows, Linux, Unix, DBAs, etc.

The conference includes panels, presentations, invited speakers and
keynotes, as well as training by top-notch experts. We expect attendance
of 100-150 IT professionals from businesses and academic institutions
from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

For more information visit http://casitconf.org/casitconf13/CFP.html.

18. Upcoming USENIX Conferences
USENIX sponsors several conferences that are interest to LOPSA
members. Ones coming up soon are:

* FAST '13: Join us in San Jose, CA, February 12–15, 2013, for the 11th
USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies. FAST '13 brings
together storage-system researchers and practitioners to explore new
directions in the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of
storage systems. For more information visit

* NSDI '13: Join us in Lombard, IL, April 3–5, 2013, for the 10th
USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation.
NSDI focuses on the design principles, implementation, and practical
evaluation of large-scale networked and distributed systems. For
more information visit https://www.usenix.org/conference/nsdi13

19. Thank you to our sponsors!
We'd like to thank our sponsors. We're deeply grateful for their
continuing suport of LOPSA. For more information on how to become a
sponsor visit

Thanks to our individual sponsors:
Platinum: Jennine Townsend
Gold: Matt Disney, Evan Pettrey, Dan Rich, Ski Kacoroski
Silver: Lee Damon, Robert Gill, Scott Murphy, Ian Viemeister
Bronze: Gary Studwell, John Boris

LOPSA's website is hosted is done by ServerBeach, check them out at

20. Comments or suggestions?
As we close out this month's LOPSAgram, we want to make sure we're
giving you the information you want or need. If you have any comments or
suggestions, please feel free to send them to board@lopsa.org