LOPSA Board Project Priorities for 2011-2012

LOPSA Board Project Priorities for 2011-2012


As mentioned in the LOPSA live event, the Board would like to summarize our top priorities for the remainder of the 2011-2012 year.


LOPSA, first and foremost, should focus on its members. Toward this end, we feel that the benefits provided need to be expanded. We are analyzing our current benefit offerings as well as researching and developing new benefits for our members. The LOPSA benefits project closely relates to our work in aquiring additional sponsors.

Champions: Dan Rich, Chris St. Pierre


The Board agrees with concerns expressed by members over the past years regarding the relative lack of diversity in our membership. All of us are mindful of the need to raise awareness of the unconscious expression of attitudes of privilege marginalizing minority members and potential members of LOPSA, as well as blatent negative behavior.

In support of raising awareness, we have published the LOPSA etiquette policy. In addition, we are working in the background to deal with poor behavior in our public fora. We encourage other our members to address etiquette breaches as they occur if they feel comfortable in doing so. If not, please alert a board member so they can do so.

We are also working on raising LOPSA’s profile with organizations addressing similar interests to LOPSA’s. This should help to recruit more diverse members both in terms of under-represented groups in technical fields as well as professionals who may not, at first thought, consider themselves to be “system administrators.”

Champions: Philip Kizer, Nadine Miller

Job Board

With the continued global economic problems, LOPSA’s job list remains a critical benefit to our members. However, many employers do not see the value in such an “unsophisticated” resource. Therefore, we are working on expanding the available employment opportunities to our members by offering a members-only jobs website.

Champions: Jesse Trucks, Philip Kizer


The Mentorship Program continues as the most successful on-going program LOPSA offers. The Board reiterates our commitment expanding the program further so as to benefit more of our members and providing the Mentorship team with the resources and support they need for ongoing success.

Currently mentor and protege pairs work on well defined problems that the protege has identified in their environment. The project-based format provides for a well-defined success point for the pair and for the Mentorship Program. We will soon be offering a flexible format where a senior SA mentor pairs with a more junior protege for an open-ended relationship.

Our Mentorship Program work ties in with other LOPSA education efforts.

Champions: Lois Bennett, Matt Disney


As a volunteer organization, the Board needs to engage with LOPSA members to increase the number of members who work on projects and other LOPSA activities. In the past, there has been no central effort to recruit and manage volunteers, so we are working with the Leadership Committee to begin these efforts in earnest. We have recent success recruiting members to manage the majority of the work on the LOPSA infrastructure.

We are currently working on developing a list of key skills needed for LOPSA’s current projects, breaking projects into smaller task-based chunks, and tackling the work necessary to manage a team of volunteers.

Champions: Jesse Trucks, Chris St. Pierre, Nadine Miller

Local Chapters

LOPSA’s focus on its members extends to the grassroots effort of expanding our local presence though local chapters. The Locals Committee is bootstrapping this effort by developing a package of information with a step-by-step process to create a local chapter. Our first goal is to get this information on the LOPSA website by the time of LISA ‘11. The second goal is to get at least 4 more local chapters started during the next year. In addition, we are exploring ways to help the local chapters grow and sustain their membership levels.

Champion: William Bilancio

In addition to these top Project priorities, each Board member has other areas they are working on in the day-to-day operation of LOPSA and our regional conferences, CascadiaIT and PICC. Chris “Ski” Kacoroski chairs CascadiaIT 2011, and William Bilancio continues his heavy involvement with PICC 2012.

We encourage members interested in working on any of LOPSA’s projects to contact us at board@lopsa.org.