New Scam?

On Tuesday we had an employee work his final day at my place of employment. As he was leaving, he returned all of his IT equipment, as is standard practice at pretty much any company where you're given equipment for your job.

The interesting twist though is that today he called and said there was somebody at his front door claiming to be from our company asking to pickup his company electronics.

I checked with the guys on my team and none of them knew anything about this so it seems like it must have been a scam.

The former employee has a very unique name so my best guess is that somebody monitors LinkedIn/Twitter/YourFavoriteSocialNetwork for people that are starting new jobs. They then filter out those with common names and try to find addresses for those that have a unique name.

I work for a small company (sub-100 employees) so it seems highly unlikely that this was the sort of thing that just slipped through the cracks, especially since we don't use any sort of courier service to pickup electronics from ex-employees

Has anybody ever heard of a scam like this?
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