Words matter, pondering the computing version of an article

I saw an article recently that talks about some of the ways in which "words matter". The article is spot on with regards to the sub-set of those scientists trying to communicate science with the general public:

Words matter via the AGU

That got me wondering what words or phrases I use in other areas of my life where jargon developed within the focussed community has meanings that differ when used outside of that community.

As a few cases where I think the language is well understood in both arenas, computing has many words that have entered common usage like "bug", "ping" (taken from sonar operators), and others that edge toward not being fully understood like "concurrent", "parallel" in the computing sense.

I gotta wonder what other words are specific to those sub-communities that really get misunderstood outside those communities that I might be failing in communicating when I use them?