LOPSA and members of the community use irc (Internet Relay Chat) for informal communication and chat.

LOPSA IRC channels

The LOPSA channels are on irc.lopsa.org:

  • #lopsa is a combination professional channel and coffee house -- conversation is often freewheeling and ranges on a variety of topics. However, when you ask a technical or professional question, you will get answers!
  • #lopsa-live is used for scheduled community discussions with the Board


  • How do I join the IRC channel?
    • Connect to irc.lopsa.org, and join #lopsa
  • How do I share "NSFW" ("Not Safe For Work") material?
    • Please, remember that #lopsa is a professional channel. If you must, prefix URLs with "nsfw://".
  • What is with the /topic?
    • It is tradition on #lopsa that anyone can change the topic, usually to an announcement or funny quote from someone online (usually out of context). Please remember that this is a professional channel, and the topic should be appropriate for members who use irc at work
  • What do I do if I can't connect to irc.lopsa.org if all the servers in the round robin are down?
    • The #lopsa irc channel is hosted on freenode, which maintains a list of alternate servers. Alternatively, you can use irc.lopsa.org which points to freenode's main rotation servers.
  • What is lopbot?
    • lopbot is an approved bot that provides a variety of functions, including shortening URLs for us, simplifying cutting and pasting from the IRC client.
  • What is pastiebot?
    • pastiebot is an approved pastebot. One can paste info to pastiebot for use in the channel.
    • Send pastiebot a private message with just "help" for the URL and commands available.
  • How does one politely post more than a few lines of information to the IRC channels?
    • Put it on a web page and post the URL to the channel. See the question above on pastiebot on how use the channel's approved pastebot.

Getting an IRC client

Wikipedia has a list of irc clients for many platforms