LOPSA Chapters and Affiliated Local Groups

LOPSA fosters community through local chapters and affiliation with and support for other local groups.

LOPSA Chapters

A LOPSA Local Chapter is a local presence and part of LOPSA. Local Chapters carry on the goals and programs of LOPSA at a local level. Its members are LOPSA members, and its elected officers are covered by LOPSA's insurance. Chapters are bound by the LOPSA Bylaws and Chapter minutes, Chapter bylaws and revisions (if applicable), and Chapter affiliations with other groups are forwarded to the LOPSA Board for annual review and approval. A Chapter must have at least SIX current LOPSA members. Provisional chapters (for the first 12 months) must have at least THREE LOPSA members.

Interested in starting a LOPSA Chapter in your area? See the Locals Policy and requirements and Contact the Local's Committee Chairperson!

LOPSA Local Affiliates

Local affiliates are independent local groups that share similar goals with LOPSA and in some way serve the system administration community and our members in their area. Affiliates are NOT part of LOPSA and will receive support from LOPSA primarly to assist them in providing services to our members and the community. To be an Affiliate, the group must have at least two current LOPSA members.

Are you part of a local group that wants to become a LOPSA affiliate? See the Affiliates Policy and requirements and Contact the Local's Committee Chairperson!

Established Local Chapters

Established Affiliates

Other regional system administration groups

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