IBM's latest ServeRAID drivers (v 7.0) work with RHEL 3. The only problem is, their ServeRAID 7 manager has changed how ServeRAID sends SNMP traps.

ServeRAID 6.1 would let you set up SNMP traps from the Raid Agent. ServeRAID 7 requires that you set up "agentx" for Net-SNMP, so that their daemon "aus-snmpd" can run and talk to Net-SNMP.

It's a great idea, just that I don't know how to test it. If you snmpbulkwalk on 'adaptec', the MIB tree, you get the adaptec MIB version, but no other information. There's no way to send a test SNMP trap.

IBM hardware support doesn't support the OS manager, and software support costs money.

So, we're using the 7.0 firmware and kernel driver, but the 6.1 ServeRAID manager. I pulled a drive and it seems to work fine.

Please let me know if you have any knowledge of the ServeRAID 7 manager and setting up SNMP.