FormFusion printing with CUPS

So, we have a certain type of pre-made PCL (printer) output generated by the "FormFusion" product from eVisions. We don't want to have two different print queues depending on the job output type, so our print server has to intelligently decide how to filter the FormFusion output.

Well, a long time ago, I figured out how to make this work with LPRng on RHAS2.1. RHEL3*, however, requires a CUPS approach.

To add FormFusion support, you just have to change /etc/cups/mime.types and /etc/cups/mime.convs.

Add to /etc/cups/mime.types:

application/x-formfusion string(0,<1B>%-12345X<1B>E)

Add to /etc/cups/mime.convs:

application/x-formfusion application/vnd.cups-raw 0 -

It's so easy!

Note: in our environment, this "raw" FormFusion PCL output is then sent to a Windows print server, which may then perform more magic.

* We use RHEL3 because another vendor has not certified RHEL4.