Can't print from FreeBSD/CUPS to Windows XP's "TCP/IP Print Server" with a HP PSC 1350

For the last six months, I have tried on and off to get my FreeBSD desktop machine to print to my IBM Thinkpad laptop's USB-connected HP PSC 1350.

I installed Windows XP's "TCP/IP Print Server" service on the Thinkpad. On FreeBSD I've tried both the "hplip" and "hpijs" ports in conjunction with CUPS, to get the correct HP PSC 1350 driver (the closest available PPD files are the "HP PSC 1300" and "HP PSC 1310"). I have tried setting up the printer in CUPS as a raw print queue and as a generic PostScript printer.

When I use the HP driver, the most confounding thing is that the Thinkpad's print queue shows the job, and the PSC 1350 starts making noise. However, after the PSC makes some noise, it stops doing anything, and I can't delete the CUPS-submitted print job from the XP print queue. I have to pause the printer, restart the Thinkpad's "Print Spooler" service, and then delete the job while the printer is paused.

I can't figure out how to debug what's going on with the printer on Windows that's causing the print queue to prevent me from deleting the job.

I guess my next course of action is to hook the PSC 1350 up to my FreeBSD machine and have the Thinkpad print to FreeBSD. However, PSC stands for "Printer/Scanner/Copier," and I'd really rather not have to set up the scanning functionality under FreeBSD.

Does anybody have any hints for how to debug my problem?