Using Bluetooth to synch Windows Mobile devices

Despite all my on-line searching, I couldn't get my T60 Thinkpad running the "Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate software" Bluetooth stack to synchronize with my Windows Mobile 5 Cingular 8125 phone, using Bluetooth. Here's what some other guys and I ended up figuring out today:

  1. In some fashion get Win XP to allow Bluetooth discovery from Windows Mobile.
  2. In Win XP go to Control Panel -> Bluetooth Configuration, to the "Local Services" tab, and verify that a "Bluetooth Serial Port" exists. I set my com port to COM6. It's OK for a secure connection to be required.
  3. In Windows Mobile, turn on Bluetooth (if necessary) and run "ActiveSync." Go to Menu -> "Connect via Bluetooth..."
  4. In Windows Mobile, Say yes you want to create a partnership. Discover your Win XP box.
  5. Type in a PIN. When you hit "Next" you will need to click on the Win XP systray icon for Bluetooth, which will then ask you a bunch of questions (the PIN, whether you want to allow the device to connect).
  6. In Windows Mobile, say you want to use the "Serial Port" service.
  7. In Windows Mobile, add an Incoming COM port. Use the same COM port number from step #2 (COM6). This is the sticky part because Windows Mobile only allows you to choose from COM6 or COM7. Now hit "OK" to get back to the ActiveSync main screen.
  8. In Win XP, run ActiveState. Go to File -> Connection Settings. Check "Allow connections to use one of the following:" and set the value to the same COM port number you've used everywhere else (COM6). Click OK.
  9. In Windows Mobile, in ActiveState, go to Menu -> "Connect via Bluetooth..."
  10. In Windows Mobile, once again say yes you want to create a partnership. Select your WIN XP box. Select the "rescan" button to rescan for services.
  11. In Windows Mobile, at this point you should be able to choose a service called "Activesync." If you don't see this service, you are pretty much hosed, and I can't help you :(
  12. In Windows Mobile, select the Activesync service. Hit OK until you get back to the main Activesync menu. Select Menu -> "Connect via Bluetooth..." and you should then synchronize to your Win XP box. Huzzah!