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Well Google just screwed up their Apps for EDU domains - UPDATE 2

I work for a K-12 school district and we use Google Apps for EDU which is built on top of Google Apps for Business. We have tied this into our local authentication systems so when a staff or student changes their password locally it also changes their password on Google Apps. It worked pretty well until a few weeks ago our users started seeing messages like this when they tried to log in. This fails in so many different ways:

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Oh Snap! Free IT Monitoring Software

Our Gold Sponsor, CA is offering a deal to LOPSA members on their Nimsoft Monitor Snap solution for IT performance monitoring solution. You get 30 devices for free and a LOPSA/CA TShirt for trying it out.

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2014 LOPSA Board Election results

Steve VanDevender, Matt Disney, John Boris, and George Beech are elected to the four seats which had terms ending this year.
The Board is informed at the same time as the membership via e-mail to lopsa-discuss. A mail server glitch may have contributed to a delay in this announcement. We apologize for that delay.

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Online Map Strangeness

So today I read about the I495 bridge in Delaware that was closed for major repairs. I tried to find it on Google Maps and it doesn't exist ( I tried Mapquest and yes, there is was ( Finally I put Google Maps in Satellite view and yes there it is ( So, do you think it was correct for Google Maps to remove the bridge from their normal view like it never existed?

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2014 LOPSA Board Elections is now live.

There are 5 candidates to be elected to four "at large" positions. The newly
elected board will, at their first meeting (~August), choose officers for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The vote ends at 1600 UTC on June 15.

I have voted, now it's *your* turn.

Mario Obejas
LOPSA Leadership Committee Chair

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