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Daniel Rich Candidate Statement 2013

I appreciate the confidence the membership has shown in my abilities by electing me twice for the LOPSA Board of Directors. I hope they will continue to support my run for a third term.

With nearly 25 years of experience as a systems administrator, network administrator, webmaster and sometimes developer, I feel I have a good grasp on the needs of our community. I formerly also served on the board of another non-profit for nearly 15 years, and I feel I can bring my experience there to the LOPSA Board.

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Ski's 2013 Candidate Statement

I feel that LOPSA is poised for a time of growth.  We are getting more interest from system admins, from companies who cannot find system admins to hire, and from students who are starting to realize that system administration is a good career.  I have been focused on improving LOPSA's communications with it members and prospective members by putting out the LOPSAgram on a monthly basis, posting to social media sites about LOPSA events, representing LOPSA at several conferences such as SCALE, LinuxfestNW, LISA, and ACPENW via working the booth and giving talks, mentoring several people at work and via the mentorship program along with co-chairing the Cascadia 2012 IT Conference.  I have also been involved in setting up a new 4 year system admin degree at Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA.

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Candidate Statement 2013


There's been a change at LOPSA recently.  Less talking, more doing.  My name is William Bilancio and I am proud to be part of that change. 

Recent accomplishments:

  • 4 successful conferences: I chaired the inaugural PICC 2010, mentored Cascadia IT 2011, 2012 and 2013 and coordinated the hotel/food and audio visual contracts and getting all the trainers for PICC 2011, 2012 and LOPSA-East ‘13.  All three were profitable before the doors opened.  A combined total of more than 150 new LOPSA memberships were gained and put over $9,000 in LOPSA's bank account.
  • Working on getting the LOPSA web site looking more modern and upgraded to Drupal 7 as well as getting forums up and running as well
  • Hosted the LOPSA board retreat at my office in NJ to save money for the past 3 years.
  • Member and chair of the LOPSA Education Committee since 2005, coordinating our efforts at SCALE, OLF and more.

LOPSA Merchandise On-Line Store

Land's End Item SelectionFor the past several months the LOPSA Board has been researching on-line logoed merchandise providers and is happy to announce that we have selected Land's End. Through our partner storefront you will be able to purchase from a selection of products to proudly show your support of LOPSA.

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2013 Elections and My Endorsements

2013 Elections and My Endorsements


    It is Election time again and this year there are six people running for five seats. I want to speak about the incumbents. This endorsement does not mean any non support for the other candidates but I want to show my support for William, Dan and Ski. The three of them do a lot of work on the board over and above the quoted "5 hour per week" involvement you are told when asked to run for office. I still do not know how they handle their day job as well as the other duties they perform on the board.

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