Become a LOPSA protege!

Becoming an operations professional can be a truly daunting task.  Technology is so widely varied and changing at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult to know what the best resources for learning can be.  An experienced mentor can help!

  1. Join LOPSA if you're not already a current member.  Remember: membership is free for students!

  2. Join the Slack workspace and join the #lmp-introduction channel.  List your availability and a brief description of your skills and interests, and once approved, you will be invited to join #lmp-proteges and #lmp-seekingmentor.

  3. Once you are approved, you may request mentors in #lmp-seekingmentor.  Potential mentors may reach out directly and see you make a good match.

Expectations of Proteges:

  • Be an active LOPSA member.

  • Work with the mentor to refine the project definition and end-state.

  • Drive the mentorship relationship.  Do not expect the mentor define topics, do research, or schedule contacts.

  • Spend one to two hours each week communicating by Slack, email, etc... with the mentor, outside of additional research time.

Slack Channels for Proteges

The LOPSA Mentorship Program (LMP) uses Slack channels to manage mentorship relationships and other discussions.  The following channels will be of interest to proteges:

  • #lmp-proteges: A private channel for discussions between proteges.
  • #lmp-seekingmentor: A private channel for both mentors and proteges, where potential proteges can discuss their needs and work to find a suitable mentor.

Once a mentor and protege have established a relationship, a private channel can be created for their own discussions.

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