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Election Results for 2015

I'm pleased to announce our new board members! Our independent monitor Andrew Hume compiled the results of the election and the report. Welcome our new and returning board members:

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Elections are over - results coming soon

As several folks have said, the elections are over.  As soon as the results are verified they will be posted here and in the LOPSAgram.  Thanks to all the people on the LC who worked hard to make this election possible, to the candidates that stood for election, and to all the people who voted.

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IPv6 on a home Mac Server, a lesson

Trying to set up IPv6 each of my home nodes created an unusual challenge.  All my laptops Just Worked(tm), but the mac mini server wouldn't.  They were running the same OS version, Yosemite, but I couldn't get any IPv6 traffic to talk to my home server, running on an older mac mini.  I even went so far as to wonder if there was some strange hardware compatibility issue on the ethernet card used by my mac mini.  Every other node, auto-config worked fine.

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Tech Symposium at Cal Poly Ponoma

On May16th Cal Poly Pomona will be holding a symposium on System Administration and would love to have some LOPSA members involved. 
Tech Symposium is a student driven event that enables students and professionals to come together in an interactive and informative meeting. Tech Symposium is run and organized by students for students with the goal of providing informative and relevant information to students about our ever changing field. 

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Thoughts from the President - 2015-Apr

The Board has said many times that we need to produce more content for the benefit of our members and for the sysadmin community in general. As a start to this, I would like to propose that LOPSA develop a recommended reading list. This would be a list of books that we as an organization recommend for someone trying to gain an understanding of our field and/or specific technologies in our field. It would be published on lopsa.org, maintained as a living document, and updated as technologies change and new books are published.
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