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LISA 2015 Discount Code

Summer is winding down and we are moving into Fall which means it is time to make your plans to attend the premier system administration conference.  Yes the LISA'15 website is live at https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa15 and as a member of LOPSA you get a $45 discount to attend.

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LOPSA New Board Officers and Focus for the next year

The LOPSA Board held its annual Face to Face meeting where the old board passed on the leadership of LOPSA to the new board.  Your officers for the next year are:

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SysAdminDay Contest Winners

LOPSA is pleased to announce the winners of the its SysAdminDay contest
sponsored by Ansible, SiliconMechanics, Opengear, and Druva.  And the winners are:
Maya Karp won a $100 Apple gift card and Tshirt from Opengear for her entry:
"I work with the systems teams at DreamWorks Animation. Being a SysAdmin for  me, is about conquering my own insecurities. I come from an artist background with no formal education in computer science at all. I always felt unsure  around computers, much less Linux. I became a SysAdmin to build my confidence  and grow. I know have an Ubuntu media server at home and run all three OS.
Truly, I believe the difference between a job and a career as a SysAdmin is 
attitude. I come in curious every day to learn something new. In this field, 
the change far outpaces anyone who is not voraciously learning. My career goal  is continually raising the challenge and curiosity bar as I progress- being a 
SysAdmin has been an awesome way to stay curious and challenged!
There once was a shell within Linux
Whose returns were feeling like gimmicks
Whether up arrow or tab
It was all becoming drab
Every day, every minute
Was just another init
Until Red Hat saw the symptom
And changed over to system ... D"
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Thoughts from the President - 2015-July

I was reading the submissions for LOPSA's SysAdminDay contest earlier this morning, and it got me to thinking. Each of the entries has a slightly different viewpoint on what being a systems administrator is. This might, in a nutshell, be a microcosm of LOPSA's biggest problem -- I'm not sure we really know what  a sysadmin is or we as an organization want to be when we grow up.
Being a systems administrator can mean many different things depending on your position and your experience.
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IPv6 on a home Mac Server, a lesson

Trying to set up IPv6 each of my home nodes created an unusual challenge.  All my laptops Just Worked(tm), but the mac mini server wouldn't.  They were running the same OS version, Yosemite, but I couldn't get any IPv6 traffic to talk to my home server, running on an older mac mini.  I even went so far as to wonder if there was some strange hardware compatibility issue on the ethernet card used by my mac mini.  Every other node, auto-config worked fine.

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