Join the LOPSA-US-AZ mailing list.

LOPSA-US-AZ is one of the founding sponsors for ABLEconf and often co-sponsors talks for PLUG.

Let us know on the mailing list if you have an Arizona-based sysadmin event.

LOPSA-US-AZ is LOPSA's premier local chapter.


The chapter's primary goal is to build a professional community for system administrators in the US state of Arizona. LOPSA-US-AZ is OS-neutral and includes those working on all aspects of the computing infrastructure including networking and specialized application supports such as DBAs or Source Control administrators.


Not only is the group LOPSA's first chapter, but it played a critical role in building LOPSA's first in-person training event, Sysadmin Days in Phoenix. LOPSA-US-AZ is also a founding sponsor of ABLEconf and has contributed to LOPSA's appearances at SCaLE.

Joining and participating

Join the mailing list to participate with LOPSA-US-AZ or see the chapters and affiliates page to find a local group in your area. If there is no local group in your area hop into LOPSA's IRC channel and ask about other system administrators in your area.

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