#LOPSA-Live, June 14, 2017 (part 1)

18 Jun 2017 6:47 PM | Anonymous

The following series of posts are the transcripts from candidates #LOPSA-Live session. We have a size-of-post limitation for these items so it will be split across four posts.


#LOPSA-Live 2017-06-14

scott5 hello there, just waiting until the top of the hour 17:47
vt102 Candidate Andy Cowell here. 17:48
nmswede Candidate Andree Jacobson here too 17:48
atsaloli Candidate Aleksey Tsalolikhin here 17:55
druonysuse Candidate Drew Adams here 18:00
scott5 we have four candidates so far and it's 6:00. We'll wait a few minutes to let more people join. 18:00
scott5 I have been informed that Danielle will not be able to make it. I'll discuss that when I get things rolling. 18:01
atsaloli ok 18:01
nmswede no problem 18:01
scott5 must be 6:05, the lights just went out. power saving at its finest. 18:06
nmswede I got two more hours to go until then, but it'll be perfect as I'll be home from work then 18:07
atsaloli hi Paul! 18:08
penglish1 Hi Alexi, hi all. Sorry so late 18:09
atsaloli Scott's just warming up the crowd 18:09
scott5 Not a lot of people on yet, but we'll start at 6:15 regardless. 18:10
penglish1 Aah, I should verify my tweets went out as scheduled 18:10
drich did anyone make an announcement in #lopsa? 18:11
penglish1 Social stuff went out. 18:12
penglish1 drich: I can't say, as I don't have an IRC daemon logger thingie going and I just connected 18:12
drich I just did 18:13
scott5 well, I guess we get started. 18:15
scott5 Hi, I'm Scott Murphy (aka: scott5) I'll be moderating tonight and the format will be as follows: 18:16
scott5 1) Brief intro from the candidates 18:16
scott5 2) The moderated Q&A 18:16
scott5 If you can keep from posting anything for a moment, I'll provide the rules for this session. 18:16
scott5 We'll handle the questions by having anyone with a question direct message to trev71 that they have one and he will queue up the questions and tell me who to prompt. I'll prompt you in the order they came in by asking you to ask your question on the main channel. 18:16
scott5 The candidates will take turns answering. The order will be rotated to allow for everyone to have a turn being first. 18:16
scott5 Hopefully the rules are simple enough that this herd of cats will follow them. 18:16
scott5 So now that the rules are stated, the members are online, and the candidates are present, let's get started. 18:16
scott5 Just to make sure we are all on the same page, the candidates are: 18:16
scott5 - Drew Adams 18:16
scott5 - Andy Cowell 18:16
scott5 - Andree Jacobson 18:16
scott5 - Aleksey Tsalolikhin 18:16
scott5 - Danielle White 18:16
scott5 Unfortunately, Danielle can't make it tonight due to a prior commitment and the short notice. We will be providing the questions and the answers will be posted to the LOPSA site after we get the responses. 18:16
scott5 The candidates  can introduce themselves in alphabetical order.  First up, Drew Adams 18:17
scott5 Drew? 18:20
druonysuse Awesome. Thanks @scott5 I am a DevOps Engineer in Los Angeles CA. I right now I am working a lot with Salt, Docker, Kubernetes. I am a long time Salt user and community member and have given a couple talks at SaltConf. I am also a long time openSUSE Project Member and Advocate. With openSUSE I orgnize the openSUSE booth at SCaLE every year, 18:20
scott5 Next, Andy Cowell 18:21
vt102 Hi, I'm Andy Cowell.  I've been in system administration since the mid-‘90s, and my claim to fame is we hosted Metallica.com when Metallica sued Napster.  Which was fun.  I have served in a lot of technical roles— developer, network, storage, virtualization, and cloud, for some of the largest sites on the Internet, such as Dilbert.com and HGTV.com.  For the past few years, I have managed a team of sysadmins who have 18:21
vt102 transitioned into cloud engineers.  I have been an active and enthusiastic member of my local LOPSA chapter since 2012, where I have been in a leadership role for the last year. 18:21
scott5 Next, Andree Jacobson 18:21
nmswede Hi, Andree here. Working as CIO for New Mexico Consortium in Los Alamos, collaborating with the labs and universities here. I'm very much a working manager though, and I also do some consulting, primarily on the sytems software side, and large scale cluster building. 18:22
scott5 and last but not least, Aleksey Tsalolikhin 18:23
atsaloli I've been a sysadmin since mid 1990s. Been involved with USENIX from the beginning, 18:23
atsaloli which brought me to SAGE and now LOPSA. I run the Los Angeles chapter of LOPSA. 18:23
atsaloli I'm a consulting sysadmin, and I also train sysadmins (private on-sites for teams). 18:23
atsaloli I've taught at Cascadia IT Conf, LOPSA East, USENIX ATC, Linux Con North America 18:23
atsaloli and a few others.  Looking forward to teaching at USENIX LISA this year. 18:23
atsaloli I would love to help increase our membership numbers and provide more education-type 18:23
atsaloli services to our local communities. 18:23
atsaloli I love LOPSA. 18:23
scott5 Thanks for the brief introductions. The Q&A will now commence. 18:24
scott5 First question is from your moderator. 18:24
scott5 I'm involved in a number of organizations and they are all struggling a little with memberships and mission. How do you plan on keeping LOPSA relevant as an organization in a world that is getting considerably more difficult to keep peoples interest? 18:24
scott5 and the answer order is: 18:24
scott5 - Drew Adams 18:24
scott5 - Andy Cowell 18:24
scott5 - Andree Jacobson 18:24
scott5 - Aleksey Tsalolikhin 18:24
scott5 When you have completed your answer, please indicate that you have with some appropriate marker, EOT/whatever. Someties a pause gets interpreted as a prompt for the next answer. 18:24
atsaloli ok 18:25
druonysuse I find that people look to get involved and want to participate but the thing that makes them stay involved is the human connection 18:27
druonysuse I think it is important to help facilitate that in many dffferent ways 18:27
druonysuse the path to connect with otherrs needs to be easily discoverable 18:27
druonysuse good sources for info 18:29
druonysuse good members that act as a focal point and communication hub 18:29
druonysuse I think LOSA has a good base with some of these 18:29
druonysuse but it can always be better 18:30
druonysuse personally, I think the best human connection is having fun. If learning, collaborating, and participating is fun and easy people will stay engaged 18:30
druonysuse END 18:31
vt102 Andy Cowell: 18:33
vt102 I would like to see an emphasis on the health of local chapters.  The personal networking through our own local chapter has been the best value I have seen personally from LOPSA, and I want to encourage that. 18:33
vt102 I believe that finding experienced members who could present to other local chapters in a personal and directed way, by video or other means, could help provide value to smaller groups that may struggle to find presenters locally. 18:33
vt102 In the same vein, a healthy mentorship program helps provide that personal touch, and can help groups that don't have local members able to serve in that role.  Members with long experience can share their expertise to groups that don't have access to that. 18:33
vt102 The industry landscape is changing, and we need members with expertise in new technologies able to share that experience with those venturing into uncharted waters. 18:33
vt102 EOF 18:33
nmswede Andree Jacobson - Memberships are always hard, especially when they are paid (which of course is required in case you actaully want to be able to do anything in the organization), unless there are ample donations - something that's also hard to get. Being involved in many educational activities, that's always a way of reaching out to students, catch them early, highlight student memberships are cheaper, etc. Also, LISA 18:34
nmswede I.e., early involvement, student programs, etc. are as important if not most important. 18:35
nmswede and hands-on experience for them. 18:35
nmswede EOT 18:35
atsaloli Aleksey Tsalolikhin: 18:35
atsaloli I would survey our current membership to find out why they are members 18:35
atsaloli (what about LOPSA is valuable to them); and reach out to past members 18:35
atsaloli to see why they joined originally. 18:35
atsaloli Then use the data from surveys to put together a marketing campaing 18:35
atsaloli to attract new members. 18:35
atsaloli We can increase our membership through chapter activities and 18:35
atsaloli participation in conferences. 18:35
atsaloli I would love to see more chapters and more activities in existing chapters. 18:35
atsaloli Our mentorship program has great potential as well. 18:35
atsaloli EOF 18:35

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