2018 Candidate Statement: Mark Lamourine

01 May 2018 7:53 PM | Anonymous

I've been a sysadmin of some sort since the mid 1980s and a member of the community since I attended my first LISA conference in 1993. My involvement in the community has varied since then.  I worked on the Day in the Life project in the 1990s.Most recently I've been writing book reviews for :login:.

Currently working at Red Hat, I've been a vocal advocate for sysadmins in the design of OS and service management software, whether on conventional hosts or containers. 

I no longer have a Grand Vision for the profession of system administration.  We've been struggling for recognition and understanding since before LOPSA was formed and we'll be struggling for a long time to come.  In the mean time I think it's critical to work with people both inside and out of the profession to improve the standards of practice, training and communication.  Efforts exist already in all of those areas and as a member of the board I'd look for ways to strengthen and broaden those efforts. I also think it's critical to engage academia to study system administration goals and processes rigorously to understand and improve the state of the art not just in technology but in human factors.

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