Final 2018 Slate - Maybe

01 May 2018 7:56 PM | Anonymous

Our candidates for the 2018 board are:

  • Brian Globerman 
  • Andree Jacobson 
  • Mark Lamourine
  • Branson Matheson 

As of today, we have four candidates and five open positions for the board. The team has made a concerted attempt to get additional candidates so that we can have an actual election, but at this point, it appears to not be in the cards.

As the official voting period is in June, I am going to extend the eligibility period to just prior to the second scheduled LOPSA-Live date of May 15, 2018 in the hopes that we can get at least one more candidate and have an actual election.

Anyone who may be interested in serving on the board can send an email to the leadership committee <leadership> at <> and we will go from there.

If there are no additional candidates prior to the first LOPSA-Live, then it will be cancelled, as it serves no practical purpose. The same will apply for the second one.

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