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JNRII 5 Minutes until the LOPSA Live Candidate Session 2018 20:56
JNRII k, my other clock is slow (how does that happen these days?) 20:56
JNRII 3 Minutes until the LOPSA Live Candidate Session 2018, are we still missing Brian? 20:57
scott5 yes. 20:57
AndreeJacobson I'm here... 21:00
scott5 Hi everybody. I’m Scott and I’m currently chairing the leadership committee. 21:01
scott5 Welcome to the 2018 #lopsa-live candidate session. 21:01
scott5 All of our candidates except Brian are present and our moderators are as well. Brian sends his regrets, as he is busy with something else. 21:01
scott5 In order to keep it all under control, there will be rules to follow. To explain the procedure, I'll turn it over to Jim who will be the public face moderating the session tonight. 21:01
scott5 Take it away Jim. 21:01
JNRII Hi, I'm Jim (JNRII)and I'll be one of your moderators tonight. My co-moderator is Bruce (BruceDavis) and the format will be as follows: 21:02
JNRII 1) Brief intro from the candidates 21:02
JNRII 2) The moderated Q&A 21:02
JNRII We will handle the questions by having anyone with a question direct message Bruce with your question and he will feed me the questions in the order they came in. I'll post your question to the candidates and give them time to answer. 21:02
JNRII The candidates will take turns answering. We will go in alphabetical order, but who starts will be rotated to allow for everyone to have a turn being first. 21:02
JNRII Time to get started with the introductions. I'll prompt the candidates to introduce themselves. 21:02
JNRII First up: Andree Jacobson 21:02
JNRII Andree? 21:03
AndreeJacobson Hey, I'm Andree. Recently moved toCalifornia, got stuck in traffic 21:03
AndreeJacobson So on my phone, please pardon typos :) 21:04
AndreeJacobson Have been at a nonprofit in new Mexico for the last 8 years as a cio working with Los alamos national lab and the local universities. Recently took a job with Tesla, and went from management to engineering. I'm more a sysadmin now than I was before 21:05
AndreeJacobson Plenty of experience in HPC and that's my focus area. Large scale is where it's at with me mostly, a little bit of a jack of all trades in networking, storage, etc... 21:06
AndreeJacobson That's it. Over and out. 21:06
JNRII Thank you Andress 21:06
JNRII Andree (and I'm not on a phone) 21:06
JNRII Next: Mark Lamourine 21:06
markllama Hrrm (I start with that alot) 21:06
markllama I'm currently working at Red Hat on various automation things to do with Jenkins and containers and integration, being a thorn in the side of management and pure developers over installation and administration stuff they create. 21:07
markllama I've been doing stuff like this since the late 80s in various capacities from lab manager, (power ac, space) and DC work and internet infrastructure. Though other people are better experts than me in all of those areas. 21:08
markllama I've benefited from the LOPSA community in all of it's evolutions since that time and I'm free now to try to contribute back to some of the hard work. 21:09
markllama I guess that will suffice to prompt questions. 21:09
markllama Neeeext! 21:09
JNRII and our final candidate, Branson Matheson 21:10
sandinak Hi, I am Branson Matheson (sandinak)... I've been a sysadmin for 30ish years and worked on everything 21:10
sandinak from VAX VMS to FreeBSD, NASA Shuttle projects to networking TSA security checkpints, 21:10
sandinak Internet search engines to cryptographically secure Cell phones. 21:10
sandinak I have more recently spent alot of my time in operations for Cloud engineering using CMS tools. 21:10
sandinak I have a strong general background in most areas of systems engineering, networking, security, unix 21:10
sandinak and hardare. 21:10
sandinak I am a frequent teacher at Security and Sysadmin conferences on topics including Ansible for Operations, 21:10
sandinak Social Engineering and Security Tools for sysadmins. 21:10
sandinak In my spare time I enjoy working on several open source tools and initiatives .. especially 21:10
sandinak around Show Lighting and DMX. I also play several instruments and love Rush. 21:10
sandinak I have high hops of contributing to LOPSA in the areas of information sharing and community buildin 21:10
sandinak ( yes.. i cheated ;) 21:10
markllama snorks 21:10
sandinak You can see more about me at linkedin.com/in/sandinak .. but I love the work I do and I love sharing my knowledge 21:10
sandinak EOF 21:11
JNRII NO questions so far? Please, message Bruce 21:11
BruceDavis I am anxiously awaiting to hear your questions 21:11
JNRII Noone asks, you get mine :}, guess I can ask one. How do we grow LOPSA as the role of SYSAdmin evolves? 21:12
markllama Should we ask each other contrived questions or concede defeat? This was my idea so I feel a bit responsible. 21:12
JNRII Andree, You first please. 21:12
AndreeJacobson Ok. So outreach is thr way to go. 21:13
cat-xeger I think it's a great idea to at least do some sort of intros, and I'm sorry to be too fried to think of questions. 21:13
AndreeJacobson I really like the mentoring program and would likebto see it grow strong 21:14
markllama I'm really not sure. We've tried lots of things over the years. We probably need to keep doing those things. 21:14
markllama get people identifying as "sysadmin" and get them talking to each other and pointing back to LOPSA as a place. 21:14
markllama keep doing it. 21:14
JNRII Branson? 21:15
sandinak I think that sysadmin as an art has like everything else evolved already and continues to change as 21:15
sandinak new capabilities, softare and tooling come online. I think the mentor program works .. but has a 21:15
sandinak limited scope ( only so many mentors for .. ahem so many mentees ). I like the idea of LOPSA perhaps 21:15
sandinak starting to build a stronger body of knowledge that can evolve directly into instruction either 21:15
sandinak via screen casts/vidoes or in person. 21:15
sandinak cheated again 21:15
JNRII k, we have questions starting 21:16
sandinak but I mean that sincerely.. LOPSA has struggled with membership I think more because the value proposition 21:16
JNRII This one, from sandinak: Why do the candidates want to be part of LOPSA 21:16
JNRII Mark, you first please. 21:16
sandinak to be effective we must be lucrative to the potential members .. and I think that means bringing up to date and current training to the front. 21:16
markllama Hehe. Umm. LOPSA are my people. they're the community that has supported me and been there when I had questions or needed to bounce ideas, learn things, lean on support. 21:17
JNRII Andree? 21:17
markllama I'd like to think there are a half dozen or more people who are now members who feel welcome because I personally invited them. 21:17
markllama and I want to make sure that there's a place for them when they find us 21:18
AndreeJacobson When i was first introduced to LOPSA at a LISA conference, I immediately identifed with the crowd. Great folks. Lots of talent. 21:18
AndreeJacobson A place where its ok to be us, but also have a group of people whonunderstand *exactly* what you are going through on a day to day basis. 21:18
AndreeJacobson Other folks don't really get this, sysadmining is easy... And fast, takes no time, and is free... :) 21:19
sandinak looks at AndreeJacobson 21:19
AndreeJacobson We know we do it for the fun of it, and being around people who know that, is worth a lot to me 21:20
markllama kinda wonders too. 21:20
markllama listens 21:20
JNRII k, we have a question From: <atsaloli> Any ideas for engaging with academia? What can you do to help LOPSA engage with academia? (As a board member.) 21:20
AndreeJacobson I could go on and on, but it would be repetitive. 21:20
JNRII Branson, would you start this question please. 21:20
sandinak I wanted to answer the alst one if I may cause I did ask it 21:21
JNRII Sorry, thought you did, go ahead. 21:21
sandinak So I have been a part of LISA and LOPSA on and off over the years and supported it because of my dedication to the craft .. and because of the great things they produced. 21:22
sandinak I was asked once before to join the board and didnt' because I didnt' have a clear vision .. this time I did .. and mostly that i think because of the fairly large evolution 21:22
sandinak going on in our craft .. LOPSA can be the leader in how people evolve .. AND still support joe-bag-o-donuts sysadmin that still has a rack of servers in a community bank. 21:23
sandinak that's one thing I see is us stretching across a larger swath .. so I wanted to help fill new ideas .. and backfill old ones. 21:23
sandinak As far as engaging with academia .. I think that if we can start to gather the right information about what our members are facing as challenges 21:24
sandinak both in new associates coming from college .. and as tools and systems evolve.. we can bring that info to academia and partner with them to start addressing those challenges 21:24
sandinak EOF 21:24
AndreeJacobson So, academia is a beast. They (traditional cs/ce/ee programs) don't want to teach sysadmin because its not science. They way to engage them is to find colleges that DO teach sysadmin / network admin, and to engage in their outreach efforts. If im elected, I would not mind being part of the team (i.e., just me) that does some of this. EOT 21:24
JNRII Mark? 21:25
AndreeJacobson Yeah @sandinak i can cheat too... 21:25
sandinak HA! 21:25
markllama We actually have one example of "engage with academia" in Nicole Forsgren's (sp?) work 21:25
sandinak definately .. and SESA 21:25
markllama Understanding not the tech which moves too fast, but the human side, how the tech interacts with people, how people learn and work with systems. Those things change slower and and subject to study by people who aren't mathematicians and engineers 21:26
markllama Study sysadmin. as a task 21:26
markllama THEN you can try to do things better. 21:27
markllama now how to get the right people interested and putting in the resources... we have to talk to academics. 21:27
markllama fin 21:27
JNRII k, From Bruce: How do you see LOPSA gaining credibility and recognition outside of the IT community? 21:27
JNRII Andree, please start 21:27
AndreeJacobson Well, we need communication, and insiders... One problem is often thatbuts hard for the sysadmin (often stuck away in a basement somewhere) to talk to the people in leadership roles... 21:29
AndreeJacobson How do you explain, that having warranty on a storage areay you are maintaining is important... If it costs moneyz and there are none. 21:29
AndreeJacobson I'd like to trybto find somefolks that have moved from lowly admins jnto higher positions and get their perspective. 21:30
AndreeJacobson Eot 21:30
JNRII Mark? 21:30
markllama This is the same question we've been asking for a couple of decades. I don't have an answer, except to keep doing what we're doing (which is often trying new things or the same things again) and I don't think trying again is a bad thing 21:31
markllama people change, times change, you never know, you might find the right person, place, hook. 21:32
markllama I'm game to try or re-try things on the group's behalf 21:32
markllama anyone want to re-do "A Day In The Life"? 21:32
sandinak Only if I get to be Simon. 21:33
markllama (didn't think so, but the T-shirt was awesome) 21:33
markllama next? 21:33
JNRII Branson, the floor is yours. 21:33
sandinak Guess that's mee 21:33
sandinak So .. the answer to this question is predicated on scope 21:33
sandinak if you're talking w/in an organization that benefits from sysadmins ( eg .. a business, school, etc.. ) then LOPSA needs to have a value proposition for the org 21:34
sandinak that means as mentioned. .. training .. not just on tools and services that an org can benefit directly from 21:35

Continued in next post

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