July 2018 LOPSAgram

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  1.  O'Reilly Media Partnership renewed
  2.  Florida Chapter Formation
  3.  Member Spotlight
  4.  Chapter News
  5. Delta Pack Tech Team

July 2018 LOPSAgram

1. O'Reilly Media Partnership renewed

LOPSA is pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership with O'Reilly Media. 

O’Reilly is a learning company that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises build skills to succeed in a world defined by technology-driven transformation.

From in-person conferences and live online training courses to self-directed learning and immediate access to problem solving online, O’Reilly has you and your team covered.

Their Safari product has evolved into a complete e-learning platform. They have made a special 30-day trial available exclusively for LOPSA Members. The offer can be found at our Member Discounts page.

2. Florida Chapter Formation

LOPSA Member Joanna Micco joannamicco@gmail.com is working to found a Chapter in the Jacksonville Florida area. If you are in Florida, we strongly encourage you to assist in founding this Chapter. 

3. Member Spotlight

Florian Rossmark was featured last month. This month he has released another great tool for Windows administrators

"Having worked for various companies either as consultant or for their internal IT department, I again and again came across the fact that proper IT documentation, asset management and IP address management for the network is not documented at all or in various text, Microsoft Word or Excel files up to expensive solutions.

Another challenge I faced a lot is proper network and system monitoring, while there are great tools out there – one of the challenges remains thought there are solutions for this as well but nothing I saw so far that was free and giving me the chance to see in detail What changed in my Active Directory? 

Due to my experience with developing software (thought I am not a professional developer) I several times developed an in-house solution on various platforms. Partly deeply integrated in their ERP system or other systems they had in place. This code was sometimes developed in an .NET language – but there is always that one downside to it – who will support the application in the long run – especially if there are no other developers in the company.

Out of this issue I started the Microsoft Access based project that you will find here. It is an simple structure SQL database with an Microsoft Access front end. For the most part it is very simple to understand if you at least have some VBScript or VBA experience and basic database knowledge.

The whole application might likely already cover most of your needs – some of the highlights are

4. Chapter News

Los Angeles

July 19th: An Introduction to Using PostgreSQL with Docker & Kubernetes

This presentation was held for LOPSA-LA at their meeting held at the Coding Dojo in Burbank. Jonathan S. Katz is the Director of Customer Success & Communications at Crunchy Data. About one dozen people attended the meeting with Mr. Katz presenting. This meeting was held in cooperation with LA Postgres User Group.

"The maturation of containerization platforms has changed how people think about creating development environments and has eliminated many inefficiencies for deploying applications. These concepts and technologies have made their way into the PostgreSQL ecosystem as well, and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes have enabled teams to run their own “database-as-a-service” on the infrastructure of their choosing."


June 14th: Tame the IP address space beast with a DDI solution

Ski Kacoroski, former longtime LOPSA Board member & President, former SASAG organizer, gave a presentation about IP address management DDI solutions. 

July 27th: SysAdmin Day lunch celebration hosted by Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic sponsored Sysadmin Day lunch at DaWaat .

Ottawa Valley

OVSAGE will be doing a series of workshop meetings covering vagrant, docker, and ansible until November. Everything provided but your laptop.


Delta Pack Tech Team

The Community Manager is looking to build an elite tech-team of volunteers to help build new solutions for LOPSA and it's Members. If you'd be interested in bringing your tech skills to the community, please join! Follow this link to the Community Manager's Mattermost team space and join the Delta Pack channel.


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