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Thoughts from the President - 2015-July

I was reading the submissions for LOPSA's SysAdminDay contest earlier this morning, and it got me to thinking. Each of the entries has a slightly different viewpoint on what being a systems administrator is. This might, in a nutshell, be a microcosm of LOPSA's biggest problem -- I'm not sure we really know what  a sysadmin is or we as an organization want to be when we grow up.
Being a systems administrator can mean many different things depending on your position and your experience.
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Django, Python, and Google Docs, oh my! (aka the Mentorship Team has a project. Interested?)

As the Mentorship Program continues to grow, we are now working on streamlining how we manage, and pair, proteges and mentors.

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Election Results for 2015

I'm pleased to announce our new board members! Our independent monitor Andrew Hume compiled the results of the election and the report. Welcome our new and returning board members:

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Elections are over - results coming soon

As several folks have said, the elections are over.  As soon as the results are verified they will be posted here and in the LOPSAgram.  Thanks to all the people on the LC who worked hard to make this election possible, to the candidates that stood for election, and to all the people who voted.

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