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Adventures with spammers

I run a Zimbra mail server at the K-12 school district where I work. Overall I really like the system, but my user base is very susceptible to phishing spam so once a month or so someone will give up their password to a spammer who then proceeds to use our mail server to send out their spam. Since 2011 I have had a script that tails the log files and disables an account if it sees 7 messages or more in a 2 minute window that include more than 20 non company addresses in the header fields.

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Any who claim that DOCX is "good enough", right now is not the time to present such claims.  I just lost a couple hours fighting translation issues because of the lack of clear documentation of DOCX format so that no tool can write it the same way.

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Cascadia 2014 a hit

Cascadia IT Conference 2014 is another hit this year.  People are enjoying the classes and break times

and learning about LOPSA and system administration.  Cascadia is a great way to learn new system admin skills and network with system admins from across the nation.



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A decision has to be made

I have been nursing along two FBSD 8.x file servers for several years. A few years ago we de-emphasized commodity servers running FBSD in favor of NetApp filers but they were/are still needed for the labs that use them.

Recently, a third lab has decided to replace an old/failing Solaris 10 box with a new file server. They decided not to pay the premium for a FAS2220 and instead opted for commodity hardware from Silicon Mechanics. This means we will soon have a third FBSD system. Therefore, the de-emphasis has now changed to "support".

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Playing catch-up in the game of sysadmin life...

I’ve finally admitted to myself that I need a single place to archive online all of my conference presentations, workshops, tutorial materials and such, because I've unfortunately been rather scattershot about that in the past.  So, now there's

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