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Voting is closed

Someone had to say it.

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IPv6 on a home Mac Server, a lesson

Trying to set up IPv6 each of my home nodes created an unusual challenge.  All my laptops Just Worked(tm), but the mac mini server wouldn't.  They were running the same OS version, Yosemite, but I couldn't get any IPv6 traffic to talk to my home server, running on an older mac mini.  I even went so far as to wonder if there was some strange hardware compatibility issue on the ethernet card used by my mac mini.  Every other node, auto-config worked fine.

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LOPSA 2015 Election Candidate Questions and Answers

The format of the Q&A is a question, followed by the answer from each candidate in alphabetical order. At the end, there is a set of individual questions for each candidate.

Question 1:

What do you see as LOPSA's biggest challenge in the next year and how would you propose meeting that challenge?

William Bilancio

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So called friendly Man in the Middle Attacks

Lately, there have been vendors who believe it is acceptable to break into encrypted and private communications, just because the packets partially traverse a given network.  This isn't just wrong, it's dangerous.

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Elections Opened and Update

We have opened the elections as of yesterday! The elections will be open until June 30 16:00 UTC.
We're working on getting the answers together to candidate questions. The election timeline is tight this year and candidates only had a day to answer. In consideration, we have allowed candidates two additional days to answer. 

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