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Cascadia off to a good start

Cascadia IT conference is off to a great start this morning.  If you are in Seattle this is the place to be...

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Short SysAdmin Survey

For my Quantitative Analysis class I need to collect and analyze some survey data.  Building on my question last month about what a System Administrator is, I have designed a quick survey and  I would greatly appreciate help from the members of LOPSA.  


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Taos supporting system admins in training

LOPSA thanks Taos for sponsoring for 4 students in Bellevue College's System Admin Bachelors of Applied Science degree to attend Cascadia IT Conference's Tech Sessions on Saturday, March 14th. Attending Cascadia is a great way for the students to learn about system administration from professional practitioners, make contacts in the local system admin community, and connect with local vendors whose products they will be using when they start work this summer.

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Open Source and Young Programmers

Open Source and Young Programmers
In previous entries I spoke of teaching my young Granddaughter to code. It is a bit tough keeping the attention focused but the tools work very well. I receive emails from and this latest email highlighted  Blockly. This is the engine behind the code tutorials on It is a slick tool. This was developed mostly by Google Engineers. 
Here is the link to the Article

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Thoughts from the President - 2015-Mar

LOPSA is at a turning point. For the first time in years, we have no debt, minimal operating expenses, and can invest nearly all of the membership dues and sponsorships into pursuing the mission of the organization. However, at the same time membership is static, volunteerism is almost nonexistent, and we are struggling to accomplish anything.
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