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Setting up a Thinkpad with clickpad

Work upgraded me to a new Thinkpad T440p which has the new clickpad with a single physical button in the clickpad instead of the three separate buttons on the older T410 that I was using.  So how do I get the one clickpad button to act like a three button mouse.  After a bit of playing around I came up with the following solution:

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Thoughts from the LOPSA President - 2014-Aug

Only a few hours ago, the LOPSA Board adjourned their annual face-to-face meeting. The LOPSA bylaws state that we must hold our annual directors meeting within 90 days of the elections, and this is where the newly elected board members take their seats. Since this is typically the only time in the year that the entire Board meets in person, it is our major planning and strategy meeting for the year.

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En Route - To the face to face, and hopefully the future.

I’m on my way to my second LOPSA Board of Directors Face to Face meeting. The last time I was here, it was when I became a member of the board, and I really felt like a lot of my time at the meeting was spent trying to understand why LOPSA is the way that it is. Why do we have the structure that we have? Why do we have the problems that we have? 

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Speaking at LOPSA-RI Rocks!

Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to speak at LOPSA Rhode Island, a proto-LOPSA chapter that Adam Codega has been starting.

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Throw a SysAdmin Day Party!

I sent this to the LOPSA-Discuss mailing list, and I thought that it might be nice to put up on my blog here at, too

Your guide to throwing a great SysAdmin Appreciation Day party 

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