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Candidate Statement for LOPSA Board 2015


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The impact of small files on backup process


University of Washington, Electrical Engineering Dept. Seattle, WA
United States
47° 36' 22.356" N, 122° 19' 55.4556" W

The following was written by my student, Timothy Trindle. I asked him to prove or disprove a few conjectures and assertions about how NFS + default OnTap filesystem configurations suffered when massive numbers of very small files are involved. Tim devised the tests and executed them with minimal need for guidence from me. The following are his results.

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2015 Election Candidate Slate

I'm pleased to announce the candidate slate for the 2015 election. Of the four incumbents, three are running for re-election. Dan Rich will not be running for re-election. Our candidates (click on their names to read their candidate statements):

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Nicholas Brenckle (aka Nick Danger) Candidacy Statement

I have been a systems administrator for more than 20 years and cannot imagine doing anything else. I have dealt with many Unix variants over the years, recently sticking primarily to Linux and a little OpenBSD for variety. I love the challenge that systems administration brings. No two days are ever the same, and your field of learning is constantly expanding. There is a popular expression used to sum up systems administrators, but people often forget the last part of the quote. "Jack of all trades, master of none, is certainly better than a master of one." While I do not agree that systems administrators are masters of none, I feel the last part sums systems administration up. Systems administrators must always continue to learn and grow, and be at least competent, if not masters, in many areas.

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Ask Candidates your Questions (UPDATED)


Please email your questions to instead of posting them here. We found out that we cannot with our current software allow anonymous comments.

This year we are going to try something different. Instead of a LOPSA-Live with people asking and candidates frantically typing answers, we ask that you post your questions in the comments. The Leadership committee will pick out the best questions and the candidates will create postings with their answers to the questions. Open period for asking questions runs until June 5th.



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