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Candidate Statement for LOPSA Board 2015

Two years ago, I felt that LOPSA was poised for growth.  I was a bit early in that assessment as LOPSA was still burdened by debt that limited its ability to focus on the future.  That debt is now paid off and LOPSA can focus on the future - our future as system admins.  If relected, my goal is to help LOPSA re-align itself with where system administration is now and will be in the future; to support system admin education and new system admins just starting out; and to help LOPSA find a voice for itself.

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Candidate Statement for LOPSA Board 2015

There's been a change at LOPSA recently.  Less talking, more doing.  My name is William Bilancio and I am proud to be part of that change. 
Recent accomplishments:

  • 5 successful conferences: I chaired the inaugural PICC 2010, mentored Cascadia IT 2011, 2012 and 2013 and coordinated the hotel/food and audio visual contracts and getting all the trainers for PICC 2011, 2012, LOPSA-East ‘13 and LOPSA-East ‘14.  All three were profitable before the doors opened.  A combined total of more than 150 new LOPSA memberships were gained and put over $9,000 in LOPSA's bank account.
  • Working on getting the LOPSA web site looking more modern and upgraded to Drupal 7 as well as getting forums up and running as well
  • Hosted the LOPSA board retreat at my office in NJ to save money for the past 4 years.
  • Member and chair of the LOPSA Education Committee since 2005, coordinating our efforts at SCALE, OLF and more.


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Candidate Statement for LOPSA Board 2015

A few months ago, it was announced that Matt Simmons and Steve Murawski resigned from the board and a call was sent out for potential replacements.  I was honored to be one of the two selected to serve until elections could be held to replace them.  



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Tech Symposium at Cal Poly Ponoma

On May16th Cal Poly Pomona will be holding a symposium on System Administration and would love to have some LOPSA members involved. 
Tech Symposium is a student driven event that enables students and professionals to come together in an interactive and informative meeting. Tech Symposium is run and organized by students for students with the goal of providing informative and relevant information to students about our ever changing field. 

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Thoughts from the President - 2015-Apr

The Board has said many times that we need to produce more content for the benefit of our members and for the sysadmin community in general. As a start to this, I would like to propose that LOPSA develop a recommended reading list. This would be a list of books that we as an organization recommend for someone trying to gain an understanding of our field and/or specific technologies in our field. It would be published on, maintained as a living document, and updated as technologies change and new books are published.
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