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Leaving the LOPSA Board

It’s with some amount of sorrow and trepidation that I begin this blog entry.

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Lands End Store Logo Merchandise Discount

Lands End is running a special where logos are free with the code EMLOGO until 11/21.  To access the LOPSA Lands End store go to and click on the Lands End Store link on the left menu just under MY LOPSA.ORG.

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Places to eat at LISA 2014

Lots of folks have asked me about where to eat while at LISA this week.  Here are a few ideas...
Walking Distance
Try the Specialty Cafe on 1400 5th Ave just a bit south of the Hotel.
Matts in the Market at 94 Pike St in the Pike Place Market.
Space Needle (This is a longer walk and the food is so-so but the view from the spinning restaurant is incredible so go for lunch and not dinner)

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Thoughts from the President - 2014-Nov

In the Fall a young sysadmin's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of LISA. (apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

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LOPSA Annual Meeting and Mentorship BoF Raffle

If you are attending LISA'14 in Seattle this year, be sure to come to LOPSA's Annual Meeting and Mentorship BoF on Wed at 7 - 9pm for a chance to win one of these great prizes from our supporting vendors:

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