• 21 Nov 2015 8:35 PM | Anonymous


    Thanks to many people, LOPSA's 10th Anniversary and After Dark party were a big success.  Many thanks to Jennifer Ash-Poole for picking up the wonderful cake and providing all the silverware; to Qumulo for sponsoring the first round of drinks; to the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel for all their help; and to all the members who came to the party.

  • 13 Nov 2015 7:25 AM | Anonymous

    LOPSA Mentorship Program protege Ionut Cadariu earns RHCE

    - See more at: http://verticalsysadmin.com/blog/lopsa-mentorship-program-protege-ionut-cadariu-earns-rhce/#sthash.zBTj8Vgg.dpuf

  • 11 Nov 2015 3:02 PM | Anonymous

    Ski presents the 2015 Yerkes Award to Jaime Riedesel.


  • 10 Nov 2015 3:08 PM | Anonymous


    I really appreciate all the feedback on the new website and am working to address the issues that you have identified:

    • https certificate: I found out after the site went live that this would be a problem as the vendor must update the certificate.  I am working through the vendors process for this and hope to have it fixed within the week.
    • $10 membership discount: I found out today that the discount functionality only applies to new accounts, not to renewals (of the most requested enhancements requested according to the vendor).  i have changed the default payment to $40.  Anyone who paid $50, please contact board@lopsa.org or swing by our table for a refund.
    • Limerick contest: Several folks pointed out to me that the poem i have on the website does not meet the standard of a Limerick.  
    • Missed renewals: A few people renewed before the website went live and their renewal did not make it into the new system.  I should have these cleaned up by the end of the week.  Please email custserv@lopsa.org if this happened to you.
    • Profile issues: A few people found issues in their profile due to problems in the data migration.  Please check your profile to make sure it works for you.
    • Bad links: Please keep letting us know about them.  We are fixing them as we find them.

  • 30 Oct 2015 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    The organizers of the LOPSA-East Professional IT Community Conference invite you to submit proposals for presentations at LOPSA-EAST ’16.

    LOPSA-EAST ’16 aims to bring together IT professionals from all walks of life in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond to share war stories, learn for each other’s experiences, and network with industry peers. The conference includes acclaimed speakers and keynotes, expert-lead training designed to build the skillsets and confidence of attendees, lightning talks, and a “Birds of a Feather” track where attendees propose and host their own topics during the event.

    Attendance for this year’s conference is expected to be between 200 and 250 IT professionals from companies large and small, local government, and academia. Our attendees are primarily from the Mid-Atlantic region including New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. As IT professionals we go by many titles but everyone is invited: system administrators, network administrators, network engineers, Windows, Linux, Unix, DBAs, security professionals, technical managers, and beyond.

    Presentation Topics

    This year’s conference is going to be focused on developing scalable infrastructures through industry best practices, the implementation of cutting edge technologies, a deeper level understanding of the core concepts that enable our work, and ensuring continued operational efficiencies. LOPSA-EAST is OS-agnostic and welcomes presentations on any operating systems whether it be Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

    All presentations should be focused on issues important to our technical community and speakers should assume that members of the audience have at least some industry experience.

    Potential Presentation Topic Ideas

    • Cloud Management (public and private)
    • Virtualization Strategies
    • Backup Strategies and Solutions
    • Security Principles and Best Practices
    • Configuration Management
    • Deep Dive into Technologies Core to our Industry
    • Scripting Techniques
    • Enterprise Monitoring and Management
    • Email Architecture and Implementation
    • Technical Leadership
    • Network Design
    • Log Aggregation
    • Engineering Concepts – Thinking like an Engineer
    • VoIP Solutions
    • Collaboration Techniques
    • Designing Highly Available Infrastructures
    • Centralized Management Systems

    The following will NOT be accepted:

    • Sales presentations
    • Proposals or vaporware
    • Vendor product demonstrations

    Previously Accepted Presentations

    Presentation Format

    We are actively seeking proposals for presentations at LOPSA-EAST ’16. We have openings for:

    • Talks: A 20-minute presentation (with slides) followed by ten minutes of Q&A
    • Tutorials: Instructor-led sessions, half a day in length, with slides and notes (both distributed electronically to all attendees)
    • Panels: 45-minute panel discussion (2 – 5 panelists plus a moderator)
    • Lightning Talks: A 5-minute talk (hard limit!) with no Q&A in a shared session

    Submit your Presentation

    Submissions and questions should be sent to: submissions2016@lopsaeast.org

    Tutorial instructors will receive one free admission, travel expenses, and an honorarium; speakers (for talks), panelists, and panel moderators will receive a registration discount. Lightning Talk presenters receive no discount.

    Each presentation is only entitled to a single discount so if there are multiple presenters you will need to determine how you’d like to split this.

    Dates and Deadlines

    • Deadline for all Submissions – January 13, 2016
    • Decisions and Notifications to All Submitters – January 27, 2016
    • Schedule Published – February 1, 2016
    • Registration Opens – February 15, 2016
    • LOPSA-East ’16 Conference – May 6 -7, 2016

    Contact and Questions

    Please see our website at www.lopsa-east.org/ for more information on LOPSA-East ’16. If you still have additional questions, we can be reached via submissions2016@lopsaeast.org.

  • 25 Oct 2015 10:30 PM | Anonymous

    If you are attending LISA, please save Weds Night at 8pm for the LOPSA Annual Meeting and Raffle.  We will be talking about LOPSA's performance over the last year and our goals for the next year.  In addition, when you attend you will get a Raffle ticket for one of these great prizes:

    • Books donated by No Start Press
    • A Resilience Cellular Gateway donated by OpenGear
    • (4) passes to SCALE 14x donated by SCALE
    • A UDI drone donated by Minima
    • A 960GB SSD drive donated by IXSystems
    • A Lego Deathstar donated by CoverMyMeds and ScriptScribe.org
    • (5) Tshirts and (2) SSD drives donated by AC&NC/Jetstor
    • Dell Venue 10 tablet donated by Cambridge Computer

    In addtion, Qumulo will be hosting a special drawing at the After Dark Party for an Apple TV.
    If you are coming, please sign up for a shift at the table at:

  • 02 Oct 2015 11:00 PM | Anonymous

    The LOPSA board welcomes our newest sponsor Edgestream Partners to the LOPSA community. Edgestream Partners is a small group of scientists and engineers with a unique approach to trading in the financial markets. They design, build and run a global trading software platform. They take pride in their software craftsmanship and use Python, Cython and C on Linux to run their global trading operations. They also use open-source tools as much as possible such as Python, PostgreSQL, numpy, git, Cobbler, Puppet and Ansible. Tools that LOPSA members use and have contributed to over the years.

  • 01 Oct 2015 1:30 AM | Anonymous

    ProfitBricks has a blog posting listing their 47 top SysAdmin Events and Conferences in 2015-2016 at:
    LOPSA's Seattle chapter meetings came in at number #7 and the LOPSA Cascadia IT Conference clocked in at number 20.   Congratulations to the folks in Seattle to get listed.  There are also many other events that may interested you on the list.

  • 20 Aug 2015 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    Summer is winding down and we are moving into Fall which means it is time to make your plans to attend the premier system administration conference.  Yes the LISA'15 website is live at https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa15 and as a member of LOPSA you get a $45 discount to attend.  Please login to http://lopsa.org and then go to https://lopsa.org/MemberDiscounts to see the discount code (please do not share with one else).  LOPSA will be holding its Annual Meeting at LOPSA and celebrating our 10th Anniversary.
    Looking forward to seeing you at LISA'15.

  • 13 Aug 2015 1:30 PM | Anonymous

    The LOPSA Board held its annual Face to Face meeting where the old board passed on the leadership of LOPSA to the new board.  Your officers for the next year are:

    • President: Ski Kacoroski
    • Vice-President: George Beech
    • Treasurer: Matt Disney
    • Secretary: John Boris

    For the next year we decided that our primary focus will be on providing education and training at the regional and local levels for current system admins that would like to improve their skills or need to learn a new skill. Skills include the 'hard skills' like learning a new technology and important 'soft skill's like contracts, time management, people skills, etc. We feel that one area that is not being served by existing services such as Serverfault and Google Search are the more complex 'how to' architecture questions such as how to design an architecture to support a particular set of requirements that require more depth and detail than a one paragraph answer.

    While the board has several ideas how to facilitate education and training which we will be sharing with you over the next 4 weeks, we also want your ideas.

    • How do you improve your system admin skills?
    • What can LOPSA do for you to make it easier to improve your skills? *
    • What kind of skills are you interested in improving?

    Please think about these questions as we will be sending out a short survey within 2 weeks to get your feedback.

    Thanks for supporting LOPSA!

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