October 2015 LOPSAGram

07 Oct 2015 6:30 AM | Anonymous

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In this memo: 

* President's Corner: Education & Training
* Job Openings
* LOPSA Discount Code for LISA and 10th Anniversary Celebration
* Coming to LISA - Please help at the LOPSA table
* SCALE Call for Papers
* Cascadia IT Conference
* LOPSA-East
* Chapter News
* LOPSA Board Candidates in 2016
* Thank you to our sponsors!
* Comments or suggestions?

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01. President's Corner: Education & Training 

Last month I mentioned how I feel that LOPSA can help system admins make
the transition from hand crafted systems to writing code that creates
systems by facilitating and offering training and educational services. All
of us as members need to think about how we can share what we have learned
with other system admins. By sharing and learning from each other, we all
benefit. LOPSA can help this happen in several ways. 

First is via conferences run by our local chapters. Currently the Seattle
Cascadia IT Conference) and the New Jersey (LOPSA East Conference) chapters
run conferences once a year. After several years, we now have the
experience and understanding for what it takes to put on a successful, 1 -
2 day, regional conference. I encourage any of you who are in another
chapter to consider running a conference. LOPSA can help you with
logistics, finding speakers, locating sponsors, and assuring that it is a
successful conference. While it is a lot of work, it is also very

Second, we can share our knowledge with others via presenting at
conferences and meetings. For example, there are 9 LOPSA members speaking
or chairing workshops at LISA 2015 and another 9 members involved in
organizing the conference. Personally, I give around 4 - 6 presentations a
year sharing what I have learned with others and I find it very rewarding.
You can too. LOPSA is starting up a Speakers Bureau and would love to have
you participate. If you are interested in participating or have never given
a presentation before contact board@lopsa.org and we will help you. 

Other LOPSA members share their knowledge via the mentorship program. In
this program, protegees describe what they need help with and if you have
the knowledge, you sign up to help
them out. If you are interested as a mentor or protegee, check it out at

Finally, LOPSA members share their knowledge via writing about their
experiences in chat forums, IRC, blogs, mail lists, Q&A sites like
Serverfault, and books. If you have not written down your experiences I
encourage you to start on the LOPSA blogs. Just log into https://lopsa.org/
 and click on MY BLOG on the left side menu. This is not only a great
way to share information, but also to document your solutions to problems
you have experienced. 

02. Job Openings 

These are a few of the recent postings to our sajobs mail list... 

Splunk/Linux Engineer - New York City, NY
Research Engineer in High Performance Computing - Milwaukee, WI
DevOps Engineer - Bothell, WA 

For details on these jobs please check out the jobs list archives at:

03. LOPSA Discount Code for LISA and 10th Anniversary Celebration 

Summer is winding down and we are moving into Fall which means it is time
to make your plans to attend the premier system administration conference.
Yes the LISA'15 website is live at https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa15
 and as a member of LOPSA you get a $45 discount to attend. Please login
to https://lopsa.org and then go to https://lopsa.org/Member-Discounts
 to see the discount code (please do not share with one else). LOPSA
will be holding its Annual Meeting at LOPSA and celebrating our 10th

Looking forward to seeing you at LISA'15. 

04. Coming to LISA - Please help at the LOPSA table 

LOPSA can use your help in staffing a table in the registration area again
this year at the LISA conference on Tues, Wed, Thur, and Fri morning. If
you are at the conference and can spare a bit of your time, this is a great
opportunity to meet people, tell them about LOPSA, and talk to the board
about LOPSA. The time slots match up with the conference schedule so they
are not all the same length of time. We most need help during the 'before
the sessions start' and 'break' times (time slots with comments), but can
use help at any time. Sign up at: 


05. SCALE Call for Papers 

The 14th annual Southern California Linux Expo will take place January 21st
- 24th, 2016. SCALE 14x will be at the Pasadena Convention Center. 

The call for papers is now open until Oct 30 at:

06. Cascadia IT Conference 

The Seattle Cascadia IT Conference is gearing up for our next conference.
We are looking for volunteers to help with organization, marketing, and
sponsorships. This is an easy and fun way to help the community and pad
your resume. You can be a volunteer for as little as an hour a month or as
much as a few hours a week. Would you like to know more? Contact

07. LOPSA-East '16 

LOPSA-East '16 is coming up. As we are an entirely volunteer-organized
event, we could use your help! We are looking for volunteers
http://lopsaeast.org/2016/lopsa-east-16-volunteer-interest/ who can
assist our teams in the areas of registration, A/V, graphics design, room
monitoring, speaker introductions and more. 

If any of these sound interesting to you, and you would like to help make
LOPSA-East '16 our biggest and best year yet please get in touch

LOPSA-East '16 will be held May 6-7, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, New
Brunswick NJ http://lopsaeast.org/2016/hotel-travel/

Welcome to the team! 

08. Chapter News 


ProfitBricks has a blog posting listing their 47 top SysAdmin Events and
Conferences in 2015-2016 at:
LOPSA's Seattle chapter meetings came in at number #7 and the LOPSA
Cascadia IT Conference clocked in at number 20. Congratulations to the
folks in Seattle to get listed. There are also many other events that may
interest you on the list. 


The LOPSA Columbus August meeting went very well with Ben Stillman
presenting about Galera, which is an Open Source High Availability tech for
MySQL. He did a presentation and performed a live demo where he took down a
database that runs and the site continued to work without interruption!
Attendees confirmed while refreshing on their mobile phones. Big thanks to
CoverMyMeds for space and food! 

September is coming up tomorrow (September 30) at Old North Arcade. We're
celebrating our fourth anniversary! Join us:

09. LOPSA Board Candidates in 2016 

Our next election is coming up in Spring 2016. 

Meanwhile, the Leadership Committee is looking for volunteers and candidate
nominations. The Leadership Committee is the guiding organization for the
board. We nominate board candidates and provide coaching to the board as a
neutral third party. 

Do you have an opinion on the direction of the organization and are ready
to execute? Is another member demonstrating great leadership for the
organization? Nominate yourself or your fellow member! If all else fails,
step up and help the Leadership Committee. Reach out to use at

10. Thank you to our sponsors! 

We'd like to thank our sponsors. We're deeply grateful for their
continuing support of LOPSA. For more information on how to become a
sponsor visit Become a Sponsor.

Thanks to our individual sponsors:
Platinum: Jennine Townsend, Dan Rich, Ski Kacoroski
Silver: Matt Disney, Lee Damon, Scott Murphy, Ian Viemeister
Bronze: Gary Studwell
Sponsor: John Boris 

Bronze Sponsor Edgestream Partners is a small group of scientists and
engineers with a
unique approach to trading in the financial markets. Our company designs,
builds and runs a global trading software platform. We take pride in our
software craftsmanship and use Python, Cython and C on Linux to run our
global trading operations. We also use open-source tools as much as
possible - Python, PostgreSQL, numpy, git, Cobbler, Puppet and Ansible are
all crucial to our business. 

Bronze Sponsor O'Reilly Media spreads the knowledge of innovators
through its books, online services, magazines, and conferences. Since
1978, O'Reilly Media has been a chronicler and catalyst of cutting-edge
development, homing in on the technology trends that really matter and
spurring their adoption by amplifying "faint signals" from the alpha
geeks who are creating the future. An active participant in the
technology community, the company has a long history of advocacy,
meme-making, and evangelism. Check them out at http://www.oreilly.com/

LOPSA's website is hosted by ServerBeach, check them out at

11. Comments or suggestions?
As we close out this month's LOPSAgram, we want to make sure we're
giving you the information you want or need. If you have any comments or
suggestions, please feel free to send them to communications@lopsa.org 

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